Walking in Alsace

20150418_113157You can easily research via the internet, places in Alsace to stay, visit and walk/bike, but for what it is worth I’ll put my tuppence in. This photo is of another appealing village in Alsace – Niedermorschwihr, with its very steep Sommerberg grand crus vineyard. A walk along the upper ridge above the village is highly recommended. Equally as appealing as visiting this village, is Katzenthal, where we commenced our walk, and of course the walk itself. Katzenthal was rebuilt after WW2 and from a distance can easily be spotted by the white bell tower of the church at the entrance to the village, above which is another landmark – the ruins of a 13th century castle, Wineck. Hence the name of the nearby grand crus vineyard, Wineck-Schlossberg. Although not on this most recent visit, Marion and I stayed 3 nights here at the A l’Agneau in 2008, which I highly recommend, especially for their outstanding restaurant. On the street beside the church is a large info. panel incl. map of the village and also the many walk/hike/bike choices you have. A shortish walk in the other direction finds you in Ammerschwihr.

Hopefully you can have a closeup look at the amusing artwork (shown in my photo) above the door in Katzenthal of the well-regarded organic and biodynamic producer, Clément Klur. Nearby you should also visit Meyer Fonné who have great value wines from 5 grand crus and 3 Lieux-dits.

My final recommendation is the Gambrinus in Beblenheim. I stayed there for the first time this year, but had dined there twice on previous visits. Here, you’re only 2.5 km from Riquewihr and I think the accom. is bargain priced. I mentioned dining at the Caveau Gambrinus – even if you’re staying there, don’t neglect to book a table. It is so popular with the locals. Of course you have to order the classic Alsatian pizza- ‘tartes flambées’ and wash it down with a good beer.



Clement Klur