About Us

The love of a good wine

Rod Malcolm of Vintage Wine Tours in Nelson has found his true love; in the tasting and sharing of good wine with interesting people. It is a passion that first stirred in him as a young man and, like any true vintage, has become more refined with age.

“My appreciation and collection of fine wine began when I was just 21. I loved to visit the wineries in West Auckland with friends and I became a subscriber to several other wineries, including Matawhero wines in Gisborne, run by the legendary Bill Irwin.”

Choosing to live in Nelson introduced a new region’s wines to a willing palate, and would later prove a turning point in Rod’s journey to becoming a true aficionado of New Zealand Wines.
“I moved to Nelson from Auckland in 1984. In 1997 I took over the reins of the Nelson Wine Club, as president and secretary. I still have those roles today.”

Vintage Wine Tours: the fermentation of a good idea

Rod’s involvement with the Nelson Wine Club was the catalyst he needed to turn a dream of sharing his passion for wine with others into a business.

“I enjoy making contact with the people who operate wineries throughout NZ, and regularly invite them to send representatives to Nelson, to host a tasting of their wines for our club members.”

Rod is well-known for befriending strangers. “I love to learn a little about the people I meet and where they come from. I like to make them feel welcome in our country. There is a strong chance too that I will know something about the wines of their country. I don’t have to talk only about NZ wines to them.”

Over the years, Rod has developed an appreciation of international wines too and loves travelling to wine regions such as the Sonoma Valley, Alsace, the Yarra Valley and Margaret River.

In 2015 & 2018 he and his wife Marion visited  several wine districts in Europe. View Rod’s blogs via Homepage.

As well as an extensive wine knowledge, Rod has developed a lot of respect for the people who tend the vines, and make and sell the wines. It is for this reason Rod insists on bringing only very small groups to cellar doors with his Vintage Wine Tours.

Creating an authentic and lasting experience

Living so close to two of New Zealand’s best winegrowing regions means Rod has got to know Nelson and Marlborough wines intimately; from the top international labels to the lovingly hand-crafted boutique wines few people outside the area know about.

Rod soon realised one of the best ways to experience a wine is at the place it was made and in the company of someone who has been part of its creation. It is this feeling Rod has worked hard to recreate for his guests with Vintage Wine Tours: a lasting experience of Nelson and Marlborough that is authentic and not rushed.

“There is something truly special about enjoying a good wine at its source, and when that encompasses a magnificent setting and the first-hand knowledge of someone who has played a role in a wine’s creation it’s unforgettable.What’s even better is when you can relive that experience every time you taste that wine again in the future.”                                                                                                                                                               Vintage Wine Tours has a Facebook page. My WeChat ID is rodmalcolm Also look for Trip Advisor reviews.