Taste of Sardinia in Rome

When in Rome, if you want a taste of Sardina, then I highly recommend you to visit the Sa Sartiglia restaurant in the Monte Sacro district of Rome. Having dined there twice in 4 days in 2012 I knew we’d have to return.

Sa Sartiglia is owned and largely staffed by Sardinian people.You should try some of the traditional Sardinian dishes such as culurgeones (aka ‘culingionis’) which are stuffed ravioli. If choosing Sardinian wines then I’d suggest a vermentino for white and cannonau for red. Cannonau is known in France as grenache and in Spain as garnacha, but there is a varietal, grown mainly on the east of the island, Cannonau Di Sardegna. Note the photo of our 2007 Riserva from Cantine di Dolianova.

My other photo is of a display within the restaurant. It relates to the centuries old Sa Sartiglia festival held annually in Oristano, Sardinia. Horse races are held, in which the ¬†colourfully dressed riders (or ‘knights’) also wear these white masks.

You will find Sa Sartiglia at Viale Tirreno 64, 00141 Rome. Ph. (+39) 06 81 83 549 . Note – closed Mondays. Although the Metro station is close by, to make your to return to your accommodation straightforward and stress free, I recommend that you stay at the Ars Hotel which is barely 10 minutes walk away. There is much I could rave about the place, the breakfasts and staff. Make sure you use their free shuttle to take you in close to the heart of Rome.